Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It has been a little while since I last posted, but it has definitely been eventful.  Work is work, and finals are almost over.  Unfortunately the weather has really cooled down, so more of my trips have not been from the kayak, but from shore.  Most of this post will be pictorials with the pictures at the end, following the order this was written.  As the water has cooled, I have been fortunate enough to catch a number of Specks in excess of 20" with my largest at 26".  In the same spots, I have found some healthy Redfish and even a Striper or two.  I have caught some fat 18" ish specks on the ultralite from the yak.  I can attest that a Kayak is the best drag system that one could have.  On to the bigguns!  I made my first trip fishing the eastern shore a few weeks back, fishing from my new Malibu Stealth 14.  This boat is sweet and loaded with features.  I cannot wait to destroy the flats with it this summer.  Back to the ES, I went eeling with my friends, Mike Coates and Tommy DeWitt.  Our first night out was frightfully boring for about 90% of the time.  The other 10% was filled with some extreme thrills.  The thrills came in the form of a 37" and a 41" Striped Bass.  It was an amazing night with healthy fish that are still swimming to give someone else a thrill of a lifetime.  With the possibility of this being my last post of 2010, I would like to say thank you to all who I have fished with this year.  In addition to reuniting with old buddies, I have made some new friends, learned new techniques and had extraordinary luck.  Thank you for everyones support!

Now on to some pics...  No fish were harmed in the making of this blog post!

Squilla Strikes Again!
23" er
26" Citation Size Speck
Fishing the Ships with Mike and Tommy
Bowed Up!
Shocked... I think so!
41" Pig
The Ships
Microlite Trout
The ride...  Stealth 14
The End of 2010?