Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Update

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and hectic, but I would not have it any other way.

First, we took a group of Marines out to Rudee on the 23rd for a HoW event.  The bite in the morning was warm for some nice Bluefish up to eighteen inches, but as we got the guys on the water the bite had died.  There were only a few blues caught, with a schoolie thrown in for good measure.  Unfortunate the Corporal I had the pleasure of fishing with was not able to get on any fish, despite my best efforts.  I had felt like I was a failure, because even though I am not the greatest fisherman, I know that I am not anywhere near being bad either.  I turn around and wouldn't you know it, he was eating a Banana.for those of you unfamiliar with the Banana myth, check out my friend Kris Lally's blog on the topic.  The skunk followed us around the whole day.  I was feeling a bit down that I could not put him on any fish, but then I was reminded that it is much more than fishing for these guys.  We are giving them something back that they would not have had if they didn't come out with us.  That made things a lot easier to swallow.
The Devil Dogs and their fishes

My largest blue of the year 
The following day, Lozier and I went out to do some scouting and test out a new tool to the skinny water arsenal.  Mark wanted to test the super stick push pole and had a blast re-learning a go to spot!  I enjoyed using this and I hope to have one soon.  I really could have used one last weekend!  Here is his review.  We then moved to Rudee for some blues, but we had no luck, catching only a wicked sunburn!

Saturday was the Elizabeth River Festival Tournament which I directed.  It was a lot of work for six hours of fishing.  I learned a lot and hope to do another charity tournament this year.  Thanks to everyone who donated, registered and actually fished.  Kirsten Lally from Pink Fishing was our notable angler who placed in her first tournament (I think) taking third place!  Great going Kris.  Saturday night I needed to do some fishing so I made it a point to Fish the HRBT with Rob Choi and Justin Mayer.  I ended up with a bunch of shad on a 3" Bayou Thumper and Clousers, and scratched a 24" Striper to even it out.

Sunday, Rob, Justin and I fished the Eastern Shore in search of Bull Reds.  The three of us were supper excited and hit the water as soon as we could.  One person, who I will not name, was so excited that he paddled about a half mile before he remembered that he forgot his PFD.  We had some great intel about locations and structure, which paid off nicely with a 34" Striper.  In our group, Rick Burnley was the only other person to hook up, with two nice cows.  I guess I found the calf in the school.

After chasing Rockfish around for a few hours, we decided to fish the shoals.  I can say that I saw a few RETARDED kayakers out there who had no idea what they were doing.  If you dont know, havent paddled long, and dont have a healthy respect for the conditions, DONT FISH THE F*%)ING SHOALS.  It is just not worth it!  With that being said, my head was on a swivel, but i had a blast, even without any knockdowns.  Rob however faired much better, with his PB 40" Red!  Nice going buddy!
Kyle Sawyer and Rob at slack tide

Click on the picture for Rob's Blog
In all, it has been busy, but I am seein red, and cant wait to get back on some!