Monday, May 13, 2013

A New Journey For Two Of My Friends

OK, so I try to put up some stories and antidotes related to my time on the water, and this post will have some of that.  I had an amazing, fished some new water, learned more about one of my favorite fisheries (Ironically through observation and conversation more than actually fishing), and got away form the same ole grind. 

But... The focus of this weekend was to spend some time and celebrate the marriage of two great friends, Seth Goodrich and Kamaron Owens.  The ceremony and reception was great, and I wish them all the best... (of luck in their Hawaiian Offshore Charter)!

The Backdrop for their wedding (Birds were actually working a ball of bunker during their vows) 

The Happy Couple!

After the reception, I tried to get some sleep in my hotel room, but  for some reason I just couldn't.  After running to some tackle shops, I found a nice little launch I decided to try.  The tide was high, and the grass was flooded.  I didn't start finding fish until I was back in the grass.  I only got one hookup, but that was fine with me given how great the day had been.

An amazing way to end the day!
The following morning, I had to make up my mind on the events for the day.  "Do I fish for the first run of Cobia coming up the coast, or chase Reds and Sheepies on Topsail Island"?  When I looked at the wind, and easily 100 yards of breakers on the beach, I decided to take the easy way out and head to Topsail.  I arrived just as the tide started to retreat, to find light winds and lots of bait.  Unfortunately, I was a bit to far behind the tide to fish my honey holes, so my focus turned to finding fiddlers and hooking up with some convicts and Black Drum.

Best Warning Sign EVER!

Mill Creek (on the ICW)
 Once up the creek, I found a grass flat that was holding some solid fiddlers.  After a nice little chase, I got about two dozen fiddlers before I called it and hit the bridge.  Again, as my luck would have it, the current was now ripping through the ICW, and the water clarity was less than a foot.  That was not enough to deter me, and I made my drops.  On the second drop, I feel the unmistakable nibble of the Sheepshead.  I go to set the hook, and the fish was on for a few seconds before I lost it.  I continue to fish for the next hour, not just fishing for Sheeps, but also Drum, with no luck. 

Center hatch cup from the Skimmer is great for storing fiddlers!
 In the end, I learned about Cobia, False Albie, and Bonita fisheries through chatting with the guys at tackle shops and boat ramps.  Got some good intel, and I look forward to trying for all three species from the yak this year.

I have a bunch of pictures and trips to share as soon as I can get more time on the computer.

It was also a great wedding and I want to wish my friends, the Goodrich's all the best!