Monday, August 15, 2011

Speck-tacular Weekend!

Well, I am still working on some gear reviews, but fishing has been taking up nearly all of my free time.  I hope to get some finished and published soon.

8-12-11 TKAA had an on the water meeting.  We had a nice mix of old members, new members, and guys who were thinking about joining (which a few of them did).  The common theme was that with the exception of a few of them, the majority had never fished the HRBT before, let alone at night.  After some new club business, and a safety brief, we hit the water.  Due to my personal rules about fishing the HRBT, it is one of the few spots I do not care who knows how to fish it.  My rules on fishing the area keep me away from the masses, which I enjoy most of the time.  Anyhow, Ken Cussick had the notion of holding a flounder tournament, which saw some nice fish caught up to about 22".  Of course, my hatred for the flatfish continued with one hit but no prolonged hookup.  The night was salvaged by a bunch of Grey Trout caught on the Squilla.  One of our new yakkers caught a 19.5" flounder, with two larger ones being caught by a member who left before we met back up, and by Ken who donated the prizes.  He opted to take a DOA shrimp pack.
My night ended by a nice conversation with Jim Roach form TKAA back at the ramp.  I ended up getting home and hitting the rack at 0300.  Gotta love a long night of fishing!

8-13-11 The day started with a 0430 wake-up call.  All I can say is thank god for Five Hour Energy (If y'all have a pro staff, and are reading this, keep me in mind!).  I met up with Mark, Kris, and James Short ant location y (I have a new location X).  If y'all know these locations, please do not mention names in regards to this post.  Anyhow, I had been dying to try my new Marsh Works Buzz Pop.  I was fishing this with a 3" thumper in a White Lightning color about 2' below the cork.  The noise was great and I hooked up with a few fish around 17"

The day ended with Mark and a 19" troutskie on Topwater!  Kris came in with a PB 12 1/2" Croaker, and some trout.  Jim ended the day with some Blues, Croaker, and Specks.  For me, it was a detour to ARC for a new PFD, Arby's Beef and Cheddar, and HRBT traffic.

8-14-11 The original plan was to hit the CBBT for sheepies and spades.  However, flexibility is the mark of a good fisherman, so I changed my name to Gumby for the morning.  I was fishing a very unique location which offered me the chance at a variety of species.  The morning started with a 0515 visit to Oceans East for some fiddlers and a chance to target sheepies.  I scout possible launch areas and decide to go to an old standby.  After I launch, it is already light so I decide to target (notice I did not say "catch") flounder.  Flounder did not want my deep presentation of finger mullet, but a 2-3" sandbar shark did!  I quickly release it and decide to drop for sheepies.  About this time, I check the weather on my phone and see that some nasty looking cells are headed in my direction.  I paddle closer to shore and the clouds decide to part.  I made up my mind that I would fish close until the weather either improved or forced me off the water.  Fortunately neither of those things happened.  While trying to break my flounder curse, I managed to pick up a 14" speck.  This continues to happen, while I work my way east.  On one cast with the Squilla, I notice a softer bite.  As I work it back to the yak, I notice a GATOR trout following it.  Wouldn't you know, the fish hits a foot from the boat, and I get excited.  FISH O...FF.  I drop right back down, and it looks like it wants to hit again, but gets real smart and swims away.  I think to myself "Ok, there are bigger fish in the area, so I should be able to find some more."  I was able to find another spot and hook up with a 21 3/4" speck!  I tried my new go-pro on a release shot and was happily surprised.  The day ended with two more specks, a Medium Rare Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burger with Homefries, and a few Red Stripes!

My largest speck of 2011... So far

Video of the 21 3/4" release

Release of a 16" speck

Catching a bunch of trout in August on 3 consecutive trips is not always a bad thing!

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