Monday, February 13, 2012

Rigging a Hurricane Phoenix 140 with Yak Attack products

Well, the weather has been less than desirable, but fortunately for me, my schedule is now going to allow me to take advantage of good weather when it comes to me.  With that being said, I have amassed a plethora of products from Yak Attack.  This entry will be a two part post, with the second part being published on the Hurricane Kayaks Blog.
Prior rigging was designed to get me on the water with a greater level of functionality, but the final stage on this kayak is to get me ready for a busy tournament season.  Initially I used products from Yak-Gear to set up a paddle/stake out pole holder at the bow of the kayak.  The next step was to develop an anchor trolley that was functional, yet complimenting to the looks of the kayak.  To do this, I purchased some basic trolley materials from Hook 1, as well as some 3mm Blue Niteline.  This, in addition to simple products like a Scotty Extender and a Triple Rod Holder mount got me on the water and fishing in fine fashion. 
Rigged with Anchor Trolley and Paddle Holder.  Ready to Fish!
After fishing the winter, I realized that when fishing with both fly and conventional gear, I was handicapped by the use of the Scotty mount between my legs.  I also heard many complaints from the boaters in Hampton Roads that kayakers can be extremely difficult to see when fishing the bridges at night.  For both of these reasons, I turned to Luther and the crew at Yak Attack for solutions.
The first product was Yak Attacks Gear Trac.  I opted for a 16” track that will run on both sides of my legs, giving me options to mount a PanFish , MightyMount, or Scotty Base.  All products can easily stow when I’m chasing fish with the bugslinger.  The next product was Luther’s second generation NiteStripe in Blue.  This is to help enhance visibility at night, while keeping with the natural aesthetics of the Phoenix series.
The final outcome of the rigging can be found on the Hurricane Kayaks Blog shortly, so stay tuned.

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