Monday, March 4, 2013

Simple Hurricane Skimmer 128 Rigging

So, I finally got around to posting some pictures of my Skimmer to the Hurricane Fishing Team's Facebook page.  I thought Id post them up here and go into a little more detail on why I chose the products I did.

Side View
Looking at this view, there are a few areas Id like to point out.  First, I decided to go with a Mighty Mount as the base platform for the VisiPole.  First, the space it was mounted in would be a waste of a perfectly good trac, as it would only allow 1-2" of movable space when rigged.  Also, it was the more fiscally responsible choice without sacrificing product quality.  I go with the VisiCarbon Pro for my light because I could easily add or remove it on the water, and it is a light weight quality product.

Moving back, I have a white Engel Bait well that is used when Im fishing live bait.  I can also use it without the aerator for cool drinks and ice in the summer.  Behind it I have my homemade kayak tackle box.  I can place 3 plano sleeves and plastics in the box.  I also added a rod holder to the back of it.  With the design of the skimmer, I can access both the bait and the tackle/rods in a forward facing seated position. 

Finally I added a SEALS pad on the seat for added comfort during those 8+ hour days on the water.

This picture is the view without the live well.

Full Side View
In this view, if you look at the bow and the stern above the seam, you can see the silver Nitestripe.  This really lights up at night if any light source is shined on it.  Its just another measure to keep me save and visible during low light conditions.  Alos pictured on the right part of the picture are my removable rod holders.

In this picture, you can see the normal Gear Trac under the center scotty mount, and the Gear Trac 90 in which a Ram holder is mounted on.  I love the Gear Trac's because they give me almost infinite options for my fishing needs.  I can remove everything from the tracks and I have a virtually snag free deck for fly casting, or I can put as many rod holders I could fish from on the tracks.  If you dont know about Yak Attack, click the link and check them out! Finally, before you get to the center hatch, I mounted some noise dampening plastic grip tape in the areas that I tend to set rods down on.  I can set my rods down, grab another rod, and cast to a fish quickly without spooking them.

I have a few pending modifications, which include a rudder, trolley, and track enhancement installation.  I will post up pictures once I have completed those modifications.

Also, I hope to put out some reviews this week.  Ill be reviewing the Shamano Crucial bait casting series rods, The Blair Wiggins S-Curve spinning rods, the BPS Jonny Morris Signature Series bait casting reels, and the Engel live wells.  Until next time...

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  1. Is that SEALS pad attached somehow or is it just sitting on top of the hurricane seat??? Thanks