Monday, July 8, 2013


Ive not been able to get out nearly as much as usual, so I thought, with everything going on why not make it a bender.  I had the evening of the 3rd and all day on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of July to fish.  I fished whenever I could, risking heat exhaustion, failing classes, and overexertion for this.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes!

July 3rd - Got on some solid topwater bass in the evening with Tommy.  Heres a few pics.

Tommy took this awesome pic!

July 5th - After a long day of school work on the 4th, now was the time do get it done.  Jay Brooks met me on the water and we ended up really working for some fish but got some quality.  Jay is an amazing Cameraman and hooked it up with one of my favorite pics on this posting.

Not the smartest decision.
Found some of these...
...and these.  Biggest @ just under 25".
photo: Jay Brooks
After an 8 hour day on the water, I grabbed a bite to eat, and went back after some topwater bass.  Had 5 dinks to hand.

July 6th - The goal was to get Tommy on some Sheepies and Spades.  We met up with Brandon Westfall and made some $$$.

It all started with the three of us getting on some decent spades.
Hooked Up

First Spade Ever!
Then a Sheepie

2nd paper in two days - 24.5"
Then the three of us hit some togs

DeWitt's First Tog

First tog of 2013
And I finished it up with some triggers to give me my first CBBT Slam.  It was a great time on the water and I was stoked to see Tommy get his first Spade and Tog.

July 7th - I met Rob Choi and Matt Tate bright and early.  My goal was a sheepie hat trick, but the fish gods didn't want to see that happen, so we got on some small spades and triggers instead.

a solid lil' seabass

My big trigger of the day

Matt with a solid trigger
All three of us found the triggers, and got some nice fish.  Not at the top of our list, but sometimes you just have to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

I paddled my brans out to get off the water to meet up with Jim Short.  The goal was some topwater bass. We had a few blowups, but noting to write home about.  I was able to get this shot though. It was a nice way to end what was a great weekend, with some great fish, and awesome friends!

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  1. Nice summary Bill - lots of good fish. Wish I could've joined you....