Monday, March 3, 2014

Breaking the Doldrums of Winter

2014 has brought upon a number of changes.  This year, the goal is to spend more time behind the lens, while still getting a chance to be in front of it.  This past weekend was my first test, and I was pleasantly rewarded.  Here is a story six years in the making.

Spring brings upon us subtle little changes that break the doldrums of winter.  Whether it be an increase in wildlife, or buds starting to form and open on the trees, or the yellow perch spawn.  With this winter being a particularly rough one on the east coast, things are a bit behind.  Historically, the perch spawn in SE Virginia around the end of February, and the spawn is usually over by the first major lunar cycle in March.  With all of this being said, I ended up getting a late start in my kayak fishing this winter and feared that I missed the run.  Rest assured though, the fish are in prespawn so that gives you another few weeks to get on them.

For the past six years, my goal has been to catch a release citation yellow perch.  Ive felt the feeling of failure when Ive seen others attain this achievement, while Ive been just short.  This year started the same.  I got a call a week ago from my buddy Tommy saying that he got his paper perch.  I was extremely happy, but it brought upon feelings that I was so accustomed to.  I was going to change that the following weekend, I brought Jim Short and Tommy Dewitt along with me, and we did some work.  It all started with a Pickerel coming in at 20"...

Then a bonus Largemouth...

And finally...

My Citation Perch.

Tommy and Jim also got in on the action with perch approaching 12".  It was nice having two good friends on the water with me to celebrate this long awaited milestone!

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