Monday, September 6, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

With Hurricane Earl threatening "blah, blah..." and the itch for some panfish, I decided to head out to the Northwest River for some dinner.  The Crappie and Perch didn't want to play on the microlites, but the bream were out in force.  Caught over 50, bringing home 12 of the fryer.  Also caught some small blue cats, which are a blast on microlites.
Good Eats!

With the TKAA tournament coming up in short order, I hit the salt.  To my surprise, the water was nice and clean, not to mention a drop in water temperature as well.  I got out to the ODU reef during low tide, and with some fresh mullet, proceeded to drift for some "Fattie Flatties".  My drift was North to South, which made fishing fairly difficult.  My first fish was a VA Citation Toadfish (at least it would have been given the state included it in the saltwater tournament).  Shaking off the stink from the toad, my next fish was "tap, tap, fish on, or is it..."  That is the fight of the ribbon fish, which got a piece of me.  My final fish at the reef was a nice keeper flattie.  If you don't know, flounder are notorious for their antics once in the yak.  Lets just say that it was a mutual release.  I finished up with a blue in the surf to call it a day.

Got an invite to fish with Mark, Kris and her son Daniel.  We hit Rudee inlet in search for some "Fall" fish.  Some specks were caught, with Kris catching one for our group.  I hit a small red, which I was hoping was a speck.  I tried fishing some structure, and had a nice trout hit.  It decided to wrap me around some pylons, and release itself (I hate that).  Im pretty sure I let out a hoot, and a holler on that fish.  Still working the same structure, I hit a "schollie" striper to call it a morning.  All fish in our group were caught on Marsh Works plastics!
"Puppy" Drum
"Schoolie" Striper

I had a prior commitment to take a friend to the ODU reef.  After calling from Rudee and hearing "Oh, the water's like glass", I departed the Oceanfront for Norfolk.  To my pleasure, I walk over the berm to find 2-4' seas.  The period on these waves was not 10-15 seconds, but more like 2-5 seconds.  Needless to say it was rough.  We paddle out and decide that going the mile and a half to the reef is not the best idea.  The day ended early and on kinda sour terms.  But hey there is always next week!
Dramamine please

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