Sunday, November 14, 2010

Microlite Trout!

Another week has come and gone, the weather has been off and on, but the fishing has been fun.  On November 10th, I attended another great TKAA meeting, learned about eeling for monster stripers and had a great Marine Corps birthday meal, consisting of copious amounts of hot wings.  Before I went to the meeting I loaded up the yak, not really expecting to be able to fish due to high winds.  After dinner, I found Rudee inlet nice and flat.  The trout fishing was fun, with a bunch of short fish with a few flounder tossed in.  I was fishing some structure, kind of lost in the surroundings and serenity when I felt a subtle hit.  I set the hook and thought it was just another small speck until it took some line form the spool.  At that time, I figured that it was a red or small rockfish until I saw it.  It was a gator speck.  At that point, while I was distracted by the thought of my newest citation he took me into the pylons and busted me off.  It was still a great night on the water and I will be back to meet him soon!

Saturday the 13th, I fished in a Crappie tournament/get together with a few guys and gals from TKAA.  While the fish were not bighting, I was able to ward of the sunk with a small Chain Pickerel first thing in the morning.  The drive was far but the scenery, friendship and food was great.
At the Ramp

With the Crappie not cooperating, I felt the need to rip some lips on the microlite.  I met Mark Lozier and our friend Chuck at Rudee.  The first hour was slow but it picked up and stayed up after that.  I was able to pick up some small specks on the rig below.
1/16 oz jighead with a 2" Crappie Assassin

Mark picked up a nice keeper speck before he left.  I had switched back over to a Marsh Works Squilla after a few fish on the microlite.  After catching to many to count I thought I would go back to the microlite and the long rod.  I cast my fly rod every now and again, but I am not as proficient as I used to be.  Luckily I was not fishing a freestone river, but a speckled trout infested inlet so my mistakes were masked.  I caught over 10 fish on a purple and white clouser I got from my friend Kyle Sawyer, while getting a rhythm established.  I still need practice though.  I swiched back to the microlite to finish the night.  I had a fish that was ripping 2lb test of the spool.  I got it within 10' but the hook was spit.  It could have been worse!

Until next time, tight lines and screamin' drags!


  1. Great report Billy. Man I wish you got a picture of that gator. I'm sure you do to. Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm wishing I could get out so I'm living vicariously through you!

  2. More to come man. You'll be back out soon enough.