Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tidewater Heroes on the Water Event 11-6-10

Well I have been on the water with some good results in the past two weeks, but I want to leave that for another day.  Today, I had the pleasure to help my friend Cory Routh with a Heroes on the Water event.  If you are not familiar with HOW, please check the link and find out what it is all about.  I have been to another event, but was not able to go out on the water with them.  Today I was able to fish with them, and I can say that it was one of the most rewarding things I have done in quite some time.  The Marines injuries were about as diverse as the Corps itself.  It was amazing to see how the water really liberated these gentlemen and what it did for all of the volunteers.  One of the things that you learn when you volunteer for events like this is that they don't want our pitty or sympathy.  They just want to enjoy the quality of life that we enjoy day in and day out.  At least today we were able to give that to them.

We all had a great time, and even though the fish and weather were not really cooperative, I think everyone caught something.  I was fishing with a LCpl that was stationed in Okinawa and we enjoyed talking about our time on the rock.  I had him rigged with a popping cork and when things slowed down, I tried to get him back on the fish.  I told him that what was mine was his.  He kept with the cork because it was something that kept him actively engaged on the water.  He told me later that he was just happy that we got him on a fish and that he was able to get out, away from the hospital.  His attitude really made me think about what I have and just how lucky I am.

I want to ask everyone who reads this to do me a favor.  Irregardless of how you feel about the battles we fight, or the policies behind them, remember that these young men and women go into the military because they have a strong sense of duty and honor.  Long gone are the days that our youth have been forced into service.  With all of the sacrifices that all military men and women  make, ESPECIALLY the ones who leave something either physical or psychological on the battlefield, thank a veteran.

Thank you Cory for all you do for these guys.  Too bad there are not more people like you.

Semper Fi Devil Dogs, and Happy Birthday.

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