Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Product Review–Hook 1 Hawg Trough

Last week I had the pleasure of placing my first order through Hook 1.  They are a great company that is designed with the kayak angler in mind.  Their prices are fair and the shipping is super fast!  I placed my initial order on a Wednesday evening, and found the package, shipped from SoCal on my door step that Saturday.  The shipping was very reasonable. 

The Hawg Trough is a molded plastic measuring device that is light weight and reasonably buoyant.  It is 30 inches in length, and its concave design helps cradle the fish for easy measurement, especially in the kayak.  It also has a vertical piece that aids in the accurate measurement of fish by ensuring the front of the fish is right at the 0 mark.    They have also made an improvement on the design prior to shipping by ensuring the numbers are colored in so there is no question to the length of the fish. 

They make the device in either Hi-viz yellow or white.  The only modifications that I feel like making is adding some expanding caulking to the side groves on the bottom to help aid in further floatation, as well as drilling a hole at the end to attach a lanyard.  It was easy to measure and photograph feisty Speckled Trout, while getting a picture and returning them to the water unharmed.  This product is a must have for any serious CPR fisherman and I highly recommend it.  At $16.99, the product, shipping and customer service cannot be beat, and it is well worth it for an accurate measurement that could result in taking home the prize. 

Until next time,



  1. I like my hand-me-down hawg trough...thanks rob for being such a girl and getting a different color.

  2. Rob should know about white after labor day!