Monday, February 14, 2011

This is why nothing gets done around here!

So, after yet another long and busy week at work, school, and home I was feeling a bit blue.  You may ask yourself, "How does one correct this feeling?"  I correct this with fishing.  Saturday was meant to be a day full of writing papers, laundry, and a party that night.  After lacking the motivation to do anything like that, I found myself loading up the yak and hitting a local wintertime fishery.  After arriving around 4, I almost immediately found the specks with the same pattern I used last week.

Rod: 6' BPS Extreme Spinning (Light)
Reel: Shamano Stratic w/ 2lb flourocarbon
Lure: 1/32oz jig head with a 2" Crappie Assassin paddle tail

Small specks (under 14") were the norm.  After the sun went down and the tide died, the bite shut down.  I was trolling around, waiting for my honey hole to open up.  This time I started picking up some larger fish with a similar, but super-sized presentation.

Rod : 7'6" Tica Inshore Spinning Rod (MH power, Fast Action)
Reel: Diawa Coastal 3000 Spinning Rod W/ 40lb Power Pro and 5' of 20lb flourocarbon leader
Lure: 1/4 oz Marsh Works Bull Red jig head, 3" Bayou Thumper with a rattle inserted.

Large fish was about 18 1/2".  Not huge, but definitely a good night.

The following day, I needed to get out and enjoy a lower sodium pursuit.  After getting a number of reports of the Yellow Perch (one of my favorite freshwater fish) bite was off the chain, I decided to head out and try my luck.  I guess I made it out a day to late, because it was slow for everyone.  At the end of the day, I hooked into some Crappie up to 11" as well as a few perch up to 8 1/2".  I managed to hook into a near citation sized fish that I lost at the boat (Stupid Me!)  I also tried something new with the Stealth on my way in.  I expected to slay the fish, which did not happen.  I wanted to reward my guys at work with a fish fry, which will happen soon.  I tried a few spots quickly on my way back, and didn't want to keep 4 lively fish, so I removed the plug in my bait well and let them swim around.  This kept them lively and plenty of fresh water kept them healthy.  I will do this next time and carry my minnow bucket with me.  On the paddle back, I got a phone call  from my friend Mark.  Mark and his Girlfriend were talking about meeting up with me, but decided not to.  He blamed it on work, and being tired and every other excuse in the book.  Little did I know, this was the day that he had planed to propose to Kris!  Hearing this news, with both of them being great friends and the sunset behind the Cypress trees set the tone for a great paddle in.
Largest perch of the day.
When I am sitting in the yak, the water level is higher
End of the Day!
It was nice seeing my friends Tripp and Jason on the water, and I am sorry for those other friends that I was trying to fit in this weekend.  Sometimes a man just needs a mental health break, and this weekend was one of them!  With the weather turning nice, and the tone of this week, I cant wait to get back out and chase me some fish this weekend!


  1. Great report Billy! Hope this warm wind brings up the water temps soon. See you out there.

  2. Looks like your weekend wasn't that bad. Nice job my friend!!

  3. HI William, good stuff here. I wanted to stop by to let you know your photo was selected as the winner over on my site. I've sent an email to the address you submitted with the post.