Monday, March 28, 2011

What Keeps Me Motivated

With the tone of the blog the last few weeks, the lack of fishing weather, and a busy schedule, I thought I would share what keeps me ready and motivated to get back on the water.


Friends have been a huge part of my fishing enjoyment this past year.  I love being on the water alone, but my friends have been a constant source of companionship, constructive criticism, and motivation during the off season. 

The Internet

Sites like This is Fly, Moldy Chum, Tidewater Kayak Anglers Assoc., and Tidal Fish have helped keep me focused and have given me lofty goals for the upcoming season.


Outdoor Blogger Network has been a source of inspiration.  From tips and techniques, to interesting stories and outdoor antidotes, this site has been one of the few on my RSS feed.    Other blogs from friends such as Mark Lozier and Cory Routh provide interesting reads on the happenings of the kayak community and conservation on the east coast.  Other blogs from friends such as Rob Choi and Justin Mayer feed into my competitive spirit.

Interaction in the fishing community

Shows, expos, festivals, demonstration and club events get me out and keep me fresh, even if I am not on the water.  I have learned so much about the species I target at these outings, and I get to shoot the shit with others that share my passion, which is always nice.

And as always the fact that the water and air WILL eventually warm up.  Soon my friends, soon!

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