Monday, March 28, 2011

Gear Review: Visi Pole Carbon and Seal Line E-Case

At a recent show, I finally bit the bullet and made a few purchase I had been meaning to make.  First, and possibly my most exciting purchase was my Yak Attack Visi Pole Carbon.

Even though I have only made it out on the water once since the purchase I can say that this is a extremely valuable asset to my arsenal.  It is currently living in my crate, and will stay there for all future outings.  In the summer, I have a bad habit of fishing all day and into the night.  Normally, by the time I decide to stay out, I have a long paddle to get a light then a paddle back to get on the fish.  Now my problems are solved.  Also, the ability to break down the pole to provide a over the shoulder light source is a nice option when a headlamp is not needed.  At 14oz, It is light and virtually drag free, even on windy days.  This is an awesome product that I would recommend to everyone.

My second purchase was for my phone.  After dropping a pretty penny on a new phone, I decided that it was going to be protected on the water at all times.  After placing it in a pelican case (which I still use and love), it became cumbersome using all of the phone’s capabilities (internet to check tides, google earth and GPS for on the water decisions, etc…).  I found a nice case that helps me protect my investment, but also gives me all of the functionality of the touch screen.  After doing some comparison shopping, I went with the Seal Line E-Case .  Of the three sizes I had to choose from, the small case did not fit my phone (HTC EVO), so I went with the medium case.  For me the only downfall is the extra space that is provided, but I have overcame that by placing my license and any other paper items I carry in it.  I am happy with this purchase, and will not look for anything else, unless I can find the same properties specifically for my phone.


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