Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OBN Photo Prompt - Dream Destination

As part of a photo prompt for the Outdoor Blogger Network, I decided to post up a picture of my dream destinations.  I have lived in Japan, been throughout Asia, a few countries in Europe, and visited many states throughout the U.S.

I currently live in a wonderful place, the Tidewater region of Virginia.  Not a bad place to hang my hat!

The James River as seen from the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel
August 2005

Sometimes Tidewater can be rough.  The transitions between seasons can be difficult.  The winter is especially depressing for me.  Everything seems to be gloomy and drab.  On those days I dream of paddling around one of the many atolls that make up the Maldives. 

Other days, I miss the still familiar view of the rockies to my west.  Even though I grew up and have spent the majority of my life in Colorado, it still is, and always be the place that I belong.  Colorado is in my blood and If I had to choose one place to spend the rest of my life, this would be it.

Echo Lake, Mt. Evans Colorado
September 2005
What is your dream destination?


  1. Very nice Billy. Well written and beautiful pics.

  2. Great post and nice picks for destinations! I'll have to keep watching the blog as I'm moving to norfolk in may/june. gonna have to learn the waters.