Friday, April 8, 2011

Product Review–Navionics Mobile

I have been looking at the Navionics programs for quite a while.  My initial thought was to purchase a chip for $$200.00 to use in my Humminbird unit, but I have found it hard to make the purchase.  After I purchased my new phone (HTC EVO), I decided to pick up the Marine – US East app.  For under $15.00, it made perfect sense for me.  If I liked it, it would help me justify the purchase of the full program.  If I didn’t like it, it would only cost me fifteen bucks.  As is, this app is perfect for my uses.  Since my phone is on me every time I hit the water, I can get a fairly accurate idea of the area I am fishing without the Humminbird unit.  It is designed to be used with your phone’s GPS, but it can be used without it.  If you decide to use it with the GPS, you can mark waypoints, track your progress, and even export it to Google Earth.  You can use Google Earth aerial imagery, or Google Maps overlays.  It also gives you wind forecast, and it is very customizable for a phone app.  You can get information for all coastal waters from Maine to the Florida Keys, as well as bonus information for many freshwater lakes on the East Coast.  After reviewing known areas, the depth readings look to be extremely accurate.    This app is a must have for anyone with a Android or iPhone.  It has not helped me make up my mind with the chip however, because I think this app is all I need, but would love to see what $200 would buy me!  Check it out.

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