Monday, June 20, 2011

Product Review - Okuma Trio 40S

Well I am back and this time I have brought a review with me.  I little while back I was sent a Okuma Trio 40S ( to review via the Outdoor Blogger Network.  Upon receiving the reel I was extremely excited, and couldn't wait to put it through the paces.  It is one of Okuma's nicer looking products!
The Trio 40S straight out of  the package.
This reel is one of those reels that you did not know you need until you have it.  To give you an accurate review, I think a list of pro's and con's is the right way to go.


  • High speed retrieve makes it a reel that allows me to burn my lures through the water to entice strikes from aggressive fish.
  • Durable construction allows it to hold up to the rigors of an inshore saltwater environment.
  • Smooth drag helps to keep the fish on the line, while maintaining consistent power on the fish.
  • Ergonomic handle aids in high speed retrieves.
  • Huge line capacity (an excess of 200 yds of PowerPro)
  • Durability.  I put it through its paces and pushed it to its limits, and it is still coming back for more.  I have not noticed any difference in its performance from the first day I took it out.  It is more than capable to stand up in a salt water environment.
  • It cast like a dream.
  • Cost: at $79.99, the reel is definitely worth the money.  The price point is right at the high end for some of your casual anglers, but is also low enough for you to outfit your whole boat with these reels.


  • Its weight and balance.  It looks like it should weigh less, and feels a bit awkward in your hand and on the rod.
  • It is a bit sluggish when you start your retrieve.  Once you get the initial crank, you are good to go, but until that crank is finished, it is a bit disappointing.

The reel overall is a great value and a durable product.  It fills a niche for me in my arsenal as a reel that I can use for my power presentations.  Whether I want to rip a spinnerbait over a weed bed for Bass, or cast spoons for Blues and Spanish this reel is more than capable of anything I can throw at it.  I will purchase another one for use on one of my 9' Surfcasters where its quality design and engineering will make a match made in heaven.
A Bluefish that fell to the Trio.
With that being said, It does not meet all of my expectations, but it meets more than enough for me to recommend it

Disclaimer:  Coastal Kayak Fishing received this product free of charge from Okuma Fishing.  Coastal Kayak Fishing is in no way associated with or sponsored by Okuma Fishing.  This review is my honest reflection of this product and its performance.

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