Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Will Kayak For Food!

Well, the fishing has been a bit rough and I have been on the bad side of lady luck the last few weeks.  My life seems to be cursed with strong winds against opposing tides and hooks that will not hold.  When things have been going right, everything else seems to be all wrong.  But alas, this is a part of the reason I love this great sport of ours.  The challenge and the solitude make all of the troubles worth wile, and when things finally turn, I would imagine that they will turn big.  In the meantime, I am taunted by visions of the Silver king and his friends, circling around and humoring me with their presence, knowing that I am not ready for their strength and wisdom.  I am haunted by perfect tides accompanied by a gale that I cannot stop, or even worse, light winds with no water.  I guess there comes a time in every anglers life when they face this exact issue, but by god iI am going to do something about it.  I am going to make sure that my rods are strong and stable, knowing full well that my mind will follow.  I will ensure my drags are as smooth as my demeanor, and that my hooks are as sharp as my refexes.  By god, I am going to take the fight to the fishes, and I will win.  I know that this is my happiness and my release.  I will suceed and make the best out of this situation.  The game is mine to loose, and I intend to make the most of it.  Even though I may not win I will enjoy myself and give my all knowing that I did everything in my power and leaft no regets on the water. 

Good Luck and Tight Lines Y'all!


  1. Very nice Billy.

    I know the feeling very well.

  2. Well said Billy. I have no doubt your luck will change.