Friday, July 15, 2011

Writing Prompt - Summer Traditions

Fishing has always been in my blood, from early childhood trips in the mountains of Colorado, to my latest adventures as an adult on the east coast.  For the last three years, I know summer has officially started when I make my first trip out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in search of Sheepshead.  This tradition started off innocently enough, one summer day after looking for new places to launch and new species to catch.  That first summer was tough, as I knew there were sheepies around, but I could not get any to bite.   It was one of those times where I was too stubborn to know when I was beat.  That summer taught me a lot about patience, as well as the area.  The following summer, I grew as an angler and found fish that I never dreamed of catching.  The perseverance of that first summer definitely paid off.   The first fish on the CBBT were a pair of Virginia citation size Sheepshead (24 ¾” and 24” respectively).
2010 Citation 24 3/4"
To follow that up I was able to find some small Tautog, as well as some respectable sized Triggerfish.  This summer started off with two sheepies at 23”, a 17” and a 16” Tog.  Now, when the fiddler crabs start to show up in tackle shops, and the Jet Ski’s start to drive me crazy, I know it is time to go out in search of one of my favorite fish, the Sheepshead!
2011 Sheepie 17"


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