Monday, August 9, 2010

Citation Sheepshead

My Citation Sheep
Good Times!

August 1st.
I woke up this morning to no wind and a slight drizzle. Should be a great day. I get my fiddlers and am off. I get to the launch, and wouldn't you know it the NE blow was on. If I was thinking, I would have left. I though better of it and hit the water. I was paddling and paddling in what seamed like a washing machine and hit it. After a few hours of nothing, bam... FISH ON! After subduing the fish enough, and trying to boat her without a net, she finally got in. I hit the spot again, and within seconds, another fish on. Nice size (maybe a inch or so smaller than the first). I finished my fiddlers with one more fish that came unbuttoned and headed in. On my way in, I noticed that my stringer had 1 fish on, and a severely bent hook. Oh well. Got some pictures, and headed to get a weight. 24 1/2", and 11 lbs. 11 oz. First Sheepshead citation.

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