Monday, August 9, 2010

Tautog and Triggerfish

Looking to the Second Island, CBBT

I woke up bright and early Saturday the 7th and went out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. On the way out, the Sheepshead did not want to come out and play. Tough morning. I decided to head out to the first island of the CBBT, looking for some Spadefish, Tautog and Triggerfish. I get to the base of the island beating my head against a pylon looking for a Sheepshead. The tide was slack, giving me an opportunity to throw two rods in the water. While I was re rigging my other rod for Spades,I just missed a school that passed through. The tide started ripping, so I took shelter behind the first island. I was surprised by two healthy but short summer togs. These fish were a blast to catch and got a real bad attitude the closer they came to the surface. They are still swimming, hopefully available to make someones day later on down the line. The shallower I got, the more the triggers started to play. They were taking drag and even though I knew they were not Sheeps or Togs, I enjoyed them. On the way back in, I got some pictures of the first island and the ride back in.

Looking back to Chesapeake Beach
Philly or bust
Mmm... Triggers.

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