Sunday, February 24, 2013


It has been a crazy few months to say the least.  I started to get the itch, and even though the weather was not what I was hoping for, I made it out to a local freshwater spot to chase some crappie and perch.  I fought hard to catch what I did with a few surprises thrown in.

The goal: (1) 15" Crappie and (1) 12" Yellow Perch.
The outcome:
Not 12" +
There were about 15 more ranging from 8"-10 1/2".  Not what I was looking for, but I cant really complain about the numbers given the conditions I was facing.  I also lost a Slab Crappie at the boat, which was heartbreaking.  When I look back at it, thats why they call it fishing and not catching.

I also caught a few of these...

And alos some of these...

In all, it was really good to finally get out on the water and relax.

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  1. Well done Bill - been trying to get out on the water myself to no avail save for one quick trip that resulted in a fat gizzard shad.